With You - Fromm 韓ドラ:サイコメトリーあいつ 歌詞

With You - 프롬(Fromm)
作詞:남혜승, Jello Ann, MIYO 作曲:남혜승, MIYO
「サイコメトリーあいつ」は秘密を心に潜めたユン・ジェイン(シン・イェウン)と相手の秘密を読み取る“サイコメトリー”能力を持つイ・アン(GOT7 ジニョン)の超能力ロマンチックスリラードラマ
With You - 프롬(Fromm)

On somedays when I look into your eyes
Why do I keep seeing through the past
And I'm falling down with you

Sometimes when I feel you in my arms
I can feel your sorrow through your pains
And I'll always be with you


Listen to my voice into the night
And hold
We'll find the way

I can be the one with you always
And I'lI walk with you always all the time
And let me be there to guide you the way

It's okay to cry
Someday we all fall down

I wish I can be someone for you
So you’re not alone
yeah we’ll be alright

Just remember that when you lie
that you’re not alone
Cuz I will be with you

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